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RPG Games

The basic principle of RPG games is to imagine the history of player's own character which takes place under the strict control of 'Game Master', who is a narrator of the whole story.

It is the Game Master, who is responsible for the story course (environment around players) and player's characters senses. The heroes instead decide about their next own movements. Find out more



During the game session players throw dice and luck decides about the coming events. Thanks the randomity, the player's struggling become a lot more interesting and surprising.

The randomity is crucial for our loot generator too. It allows us to diversify the loot that the players get.



While the players are travelling through the lands generated by the Game Master, they encounter various buildings, furniture and containers, where the players can find a plenty of loot in.

NeuroGen is a tool for Game Master, that can ease the pain of coming up with ideas for players' loot, so that the game session becomes much more interesting. It is also useful by preparing the game session and can inspire Game Masters to be more creative while working on it.


In a nutshell

Here is the list of the most important features of our random loot generator in a nutshell:

  • Your buddies dropped in, and your adventure is not ready? Don't even think about it - make use of our random loot generator!
  • Are you racking your brain in search of the best idea for your adventure? Try to generate or browse through our items and something comes to your mind soon! Guaranteed :)
  • Surprise your players with extraordinary items. Do it, and they will be thankful.
  • You are making a specific location map and have no idea what your players could find there? Use our random loot generator! It has never been so easy!

Don be surprised. SURPRISE THEM!


You can browse all the items here, which are used by our random loot generator. The database is under continous developement. Below you can find the descriptions of each of the table's column.

  • Name:
    item's name
  • Unit:
    item's unit
  • Category:
    category, that the item belongs to


Items can be of following sizes:

  • Tiny:
    can be placed in a small casket
  • Small:
    can be placed in a small cabinet or a drawer
  • Medium:
    can be placed in a wardrobe
  • Big:
    can be placed in a garbage container
  • Large:
    larger than garbage container's size
sequence # Name Unit Category Size Description Generation


Below you can generate random items according to the criteria you specified. They can help both by preparing a RPG game session in postapocalypse world and during the game itself - you can easily generate the items list, that the players encountered, when you have no idea what you should give them this time or you noticed, that the loot has been quite monotonous and limited so far.


Categories, that drawn items can belong to.


Size of drawn items.


The most probable quality of drawn items.


Decides about quantity and value of drawn items.

sequence # Quantity Unit Name Category Size Quality Edit


Below you can find the NeuroGen API stats, which are the sign of database size, that is a basis for item generation.



Have any question? Suggestion? Have you found an error or you have an idea for new items, that we can add to our random loot generator? Please use the form below and contact us.

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